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aqua fresca scented with rhubarb, rose and vanilla

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Whenever I prepare a rhubarb sauce for dessert I add more water than the usually needed for the cooking. Later I strain the juice into a little crystal jug and put it apart. I love to pour a sip of this essence into my  water. It’s a refreshing,  mouth-puckering springtime beverage. Even the boring oatmeal for breakfast becomes a perfumed extravaganza, if you substitute part of the milk by rhubarb essence. Don’t be disappointed if […]

Liqueur de noix 2012

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My green walnut liqueur experiment finished and bottled! Of course I gave it to taste to all my friends who passed by. Here is a short collection of their judgements: could be sweeter! is this meant to be a medicine or just for fun? nice for Tiramisu with a touch of nut a bit rough, has it any healing effect? perfect with vanilla ice cream next year you should make more of those little bottles […]

fig harvest

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Jams + Preserves

Figs in Germany?? “Too cold”, you may think. Well; Heidelberg, the city where I was born, makes a great exception. It lies in a valley, so the weather conditions are rather untypical: hot in summer, mild in winter and humid all year round! I came for a visit, right on time to help my mother with the figs. I spent a day on a ladder and another one in the kitchen making two types of […]

raspberry strawberry jam the way my grandma taught me

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Jams + Preserves

“Take  any amount of fruit (1kg maximum at a time), and half as much sugar. Put fruit and sugar in a pot and  from now on you only need patience and the right method” my grandma said. She never allowed gelatine enriched sugar in her kitchen, by no means. Well, the secret was in the right method, which meant you had to spend 30 tiring minutes, a wooden spoon in hand, stirring  through the hot […]

blood orange jam

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Jams + Preserves / Sweets

I hope this recipe comes  still in time…. because usually the good quality sicilian blood oranges are sold  by the end of February. If nevertheless you decide to have a try in your own kitchen, you should start  NOW with the adventure race in search for the last organic blood oranges. I promise it’s worth the effort: this Jam is to die for! “La Marianna” is not organically grown. I bought 1kg of organic oranges […]