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mango + almond mousse topped with caramelized cranberries

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mango mousse with cranberries

Surprisingly the mixture of mango and almond puree creates an entirely new flavour. You almost can’t recognize the two components. It’s neither fruity nor nutty. Instead it tastes well balanced, gentle and fresh with a hint of amaretto. mango + almond mousse 1 ripe mango 3 tablespoons organic raw almond puree Blend both ingredients and refrigerate. caramelized cranberries 150g fresh cranberries  4 tablespoons brown sugar In a  nonstick pan melt sugar on low heat until it starts to caramelize. […]

stewed prunes with citrus + a walnut flavoured semifreddo

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For those times when you need a dessert, but might not have the time or nerves to make something from scratch. walnut flavoured semifreddo 1 l vanilla ice cream 250g whipped cream 3-5 tablespoons walnut liquor (here’s David Lebovitz’s homemade version) Buy vanilla ice cream in a shop. Yes, that’s your main ingredient! I used I goat milk ice cream. Other vanilla ice creams will do as well.  Mixed with whipped cream and walnut liquor […]

3 ingredients raw apple sauce

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Breakfast / Sweets
apples, dates, vanilla and cinnamon

This might be the fastest and easiest way to make a yummy apple sauce. Tastes like the real thing just fresher. It just takes a 1 : 1 apple to date ratio and a generous pinch of vanilla. Cinnamon is optional, but I love the flavour as it gets colder. 3 ingredients raw apple sauce (yields 2-3 servings) 3 apples 3 medjool dates, pitted a pinch of vanilla To help it blend, put a little […]

prawn and lettuce rice paper rolls

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Lunch / Salads / Snacks
prawn and lettuce rolls

prawn and lettuce rice paper rolls (inspired by Donna Hay) 200g prawns 2 spring onions, chopped a few leaves of lettuce and arugula 1 carrot, shaved a few coriander, mint and basil leaves lemon, salt and pepper Top softened rice paper rounds with fried prawns, leaves of lettuce and arugula, chopped spring onions, carrot shavings and fresh herbs. Sprinkle with lemon, add salt and pepper to your liking. Fold over the ends and roll to […]

Uli’s unique cupcakes

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Breakfast / Cakes + Cookies / Sweets

Uli is a good friend, a slow fooder, and he’s absolutely excellent in pastry making.  His cupcakes (although I’m not a friend of cupcakes usually) have been a surprise in deliciousness when he gave me to taste them for the first time.  Here’s the recipe for you. Uli’s  unique cupcakes 2 eggs 2 tablespoons melted butter 1/4 l milk 300g flour 70g sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder a pinch of salt Place eggs, melted butter and milk in […]