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caramelized pumpkin and green bean salad

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I stumbled upon  the method of caramelizing butternut squash  in Donna Hay’s cookbook Fresh and Light. Perfect to turn any autumnal salad into a more substantial meal. What are your favourite pumpkin recipes?  Mine are these pumpkin soup with a Bali memory  spiced butternut squash bread sweet dumpling, oven roasted with prawns, tomatoes and white wine curried butternut squash soup autumnal surf’ ‘n’ turf introducing black futsu     caramelized pumpkin and green bean salad 1 butternut squash, sliced or diced 2 […]

pumpkin soup with a Bali memory

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Back in Bali, I tasted a soup (which wasn’t even Balinese, as I found out later!) and it had an unusual flavour combination: essentially it was a savory banana soup. I tried the original recipe and failed badly, but I found a shortcut to a similar taste. The secret lies in a creamy butternut squash and coconut soup, which is the perfect base for a tiny bit of fresh banana.     pumpkin soup with a Bali memory 1 tablespoon coconut […]

sweet dumpling, oven-roasted with prawns, tomatoes, goat cheese and white wine

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End of September is a special time for me because I finally accept that summer is over and autumn has come. Even though I try ¬†as often as possible to not wear socks ( hello cold!), but I don’t resist anymore to include roast pumpkin into my menus. The topping of prawns, finely cut tomatoes, fresh goat cheese and white wine complemented perfectly the fine chestnuttiness of the sweet dumpling. Sweet Dumpling, oven-roasted with prawns, […]