Grandma’s Classics: Weincreme

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Another delicacy is Weincreme . Life in a wine growing region ( Grandma is from Heidelberg )  requires  a well stocked fridge with open bottles of wine, and desserts like “Weincreme”  belong to the traditional repertoire of any housewife.
In very special occasions (baptism, wedding, famous guests) Grandma even replaces Chantilly  by Weincreme to accompany her homemade apple cake.

Weincreme (Sabayon)

yields 4 servings

8 tbs sugar ( Grandma takes 4-6)
4 whole eggs
1 tbs cornflower (Maizena)
2 cups of white wine (Grandma takes 3/4l)
a slice of lemon to be cooked with

Now the most difficult part: all ingredients have to be beaten continuously on slow heat until close to  boiling.  For this task you need a good eye and your full attention. Actually it could be easier to use a bain-marie, but of course not for a cook with the experience of Grandma!  Weincreme is ready when it turns from liquid to creamy.

Pour in glasses and cool.

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