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It was at the end of 2005 that Sylvia Richter-Krancher decided to transform her passion into a business.

Her passion, that is cooking with fresh and seasonal products and presenting her dishes with love and an eye for details. Old family recipes were waiting in the drawer, the big kitchen of the house the perfect workplace already fully equipped and ready to use, and so without further ado Sylvia brought the “klein und fein catering” to life . The little enterprise took off like a rocket.


I had the pleasure to take some photos for Sylvia’s website and so I took the chance to ask her a few questions which might reveal a bit more of her lovely personality.
What are your favourite ingredients in spring?
Sylvia: strawberries, asparagus, rucola, from May on I also prepare venison (Maibock), and all kinds of fresh greens.
To decorate I can’t wait to pick the first daisies, violets and all the wild herbs on our meadow.
What is your favourite meal?
Sylvia: hm, not easy at all…. I think it’s a wonderful filet mignon, medium done, with a big fresh salad.
Name 5 guests whom you would like to gather around your table and to cook for
Sylvia: First of all I would like to invite you and Nancy (us!!, thank you, big hugs, dear Sylvia!), then the singer Udo Jürgens together with the famous chef Sarah Wiener. I’ve always adored her documentaries about the French cuisine.
Of course my daughter Nicole together with her boyfriend Sven have to join us. Nicole shares my passion for cooking and beautiful details. Sylke, my sister-in-law and creative flower girl, who doesn’t cook at all, but therefore  appreciates my cooking even more.
Oh, how many guests am I allowed to invite? There’s still Navi, a family friend from Paris, who definitely shouldn’t miss.
A necessary indulgence? 
Sylvia: *laughs* there are a few….
Jewelrywise it’s pearls. I love pearls. The pearls even have inspired my logo, the feather of a guinea fowl, Perlhuhn in German. The little white dots on the feathers look like pearls, don’t they?
Foodwise, once a year I buy a whole box of Dickmann’s chocolate marshmallows and eat them all on my own.
… and whenever I’m in Paris I  indulge in the delicious macarons of Ladurée!
What’s your dream travel destination and is there a special food you were looking forward to try?

Sylvia: Definitely the South of France, la Côte d’Azur and the Provence. It’s precious memories and dream destination at the same time. I’d love to sit with my beloved ones at the seaside enjoying the fresh seafood and fish.

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