a week of vegan specials

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fresh coconut-agave-strawberry smoothie

If you, like me, have dipped your foot in vegan waters already, you will know that this week you won’t have to expect any hay, straw and treetasting foods. Especially in summer I crave nothing more than light crunchy vegetables and fruit in all variations, and my daughter Vik, a true vegan and expert cook, has inspired many groundbreaking recipes. Moreover, she knows how to combine food the most effective way, what works best in the morning and evening and especially after a workout.

This week you are in for a treat, and hopefully discover that cooking completely plant based is never getting boring. You can look forward to multiple sauces and dressings, that go with pretty much anything, ice creams, warm and cold soups, even some raw vegan dishes, and some delicious foods that we yet have to name. And for your sweet tooth: I don’t exaggerate, when I say that our chocolated, sea salt sprinkled dates are better than any truffle.


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