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I totally love to pass by Sylke John’s  flowershop “Blumenschnecke”. I met Sylke a long time ago when she still worked in another flower shop. Now she has not only a loving husband but also a sweet little daughter, two super cute kittens and her own flowershop at the family’s B&B.  And happily she brought along  all her creativity and sense for colours and surprises.

The little snailshells inspired her for the flowershop’s name.

I initially dropped by just to get some peonies (my own ones in the garden are still a bit lazy- no surprise with the cold temperatures) and I left the shop with an armful of white and cream gillyflowers, some historical roses emanating a dazzling scent and all the deep red peonies there were.

Blumenschnecke at Landpension John, Altwahnsdorf 28, 01445 Radebeul,
Tel. 0351-830 33 43.

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