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Dinner / Lunch

Cousin Klaus encouraged us strongly to finally inaugurate our little Ampia macchina per pasta to make ravioli with scallops and chives on our own, one of his favourite and “super quick” recipes.
Thankfully there are youtube tutorials about everything , so first of all we took a video lesson in how to use the Ampia. In case you are interested, the video is here.

The dough: combine 300g durum wheat semolina  and 3 eggs, first mix it with the hooks of the mixer or with your hands until the dough is smooth. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour or for the night.

Cut it in pieces and roll every piece with a rolling pin, like in photo n°1. Then introduce it into the macchina per pasta.

As for the filling we improvised (don’t tell cousin Klaus) (we had no scallops at home and no motivation to get them). Instead we took smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives. Later on we went a bit wild with the Ampia creating all the possible shapes and widths, until the evening turned into a real pasta feast.

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