2 tiramisu – Fabrizio’s original and a dairy-free version

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For Easter I wanted to present you with our favourite Tiramisu recipes. The classic recipe comes directly from Rome, to be precise from Fabrizio, a good family friend. The other one is a dairy free version I came up with so that my oldest daughter could enjoy it too! We made half of each recipe in the same dish, and in the end we sprinkled dark chocolate dots on one side to tell them apart later.

Fabrizio’s original tiramisu 

1 box of tiramisu biscuits (Fabrizio prefers Pavesini)
500g mascarpone
5 eggs , separated
5 Tsp sugar
strong home brewed coffee, cooled

Dairy free tiramisu 

1 box of tiramisu biscuits (still Pavesini if available)
500ml Provamel soya dessert vanilla (like a vanilla custard but not overly sweet)
5 eggs , separated
2 Tsp sugar
strong home brewed coffee, cooled

Separate the eggs, add 1Tsp sugar to the egg whites and beat until solid.
Mix the remaining sugar with the egg yolks, and beat until creamy. Then add Mascarpone or soya vanilla dessert. Fold egg whites into the Mascarpone/soya dessert cream.

Dip the biscuits into the cool coffee and place them into your dish. Then spread the cream evenly, and you have your first layer. Repeat this until you run out of cream. Chill for a few hours to let it set and let the flavour unfold. Before serving dust with unsweetened cocoa powder.

Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dessert.




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