Blue Champagne

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The first Cocktail to be presented is neither the Margarita, nor the Mojito, nor the Cosmopolitan…. it is the Blue Champagne!

If you wonder how I aquired my broad knowledge of cocktail mixing and alike  I blush and tell you some invented anecdotes from my past  before I admit, that the secret lies in Charles Schumann’s Bar book.

I remember a BLUE CHAMPAGNE we tried out once with unexpected consequences. Since then it has become a terrific help when we have guests who haven’t met before or are suffering from a laming shyness or from a bad case of political correctness.

How to mix:
1 cl lemon juice
dashes Triple Sec
dashes Curacao Blue
3 cl Gin or Vodka
and Champagne

Shake in a shaker with ice cubes, strain in champagne glasses, fill up with champagne. Enjoy!

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