White Lady

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Sunday’s cocktail comes on a bad-weather-Monday!

However, are you ready for a summer series of fresh sours and punches?  Being the White Lady still a true classic, my next drinks will come along much more creative with fruit, cucumbers and herbs muddled in the syrup and the spirits.
Ah?  Do I see that some of you are raising the eyebrows?

Don’t worry, Paul Carr, an English composer  and big aficionado of cocktail mixing, once taught me, that a good cocktail always and first of all has to be CLEAN (whatever that means). By intuition and knowledge I exclusively prepare CLEAN cocktails… Trust me!

How mix the White Lady:

2 parts gin
1 part Cointreau
1 part lemon juice

Mix in a shaker half full of ice, strain and serve in sugar-rimmed glasses (I took Muscobado sugar and added more ice).

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