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dark chocolate truffle tart with Brazil nut crust

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Cakes + Cookies / Sweets

What I love about this tart: quick and easy to prepare unbeatable flavour combination of dark chocolate, raspberries, toasted nuts and a touch of salt looks chic can be stored in the fridge for days taught me how to perfectly melt chocolate without using bain-marie dark chocolate truffle tart with Brazil nut crust for the crust: 1/4 cup raw Brazil nutsolive oil for oiling tart pan1/4 cup rolled oats1/4 cup dried, shredded coconut1/4 teaspoon sea […]

Kochen für Skeptiker

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Dinner / Guest Post

guest post von Hedda Immer wenn wir Zeit in der Toskana verbringen, verabreden wir uns mit unseren Nachbarn Enzo und Gianfranco zum Essen. Einmal kochen sie und einmal kochen wir. Wenn wir dran sind, muss auf ausgesprochenen Wunsch etwas traditionell Deutsches auf den Tisch. Seit vielen Jahren das gleiche Ritual: “Was werdet ihr kochen?” – große Skepsis – die sich in vielen, vielen Jahren hartnäckig hält. Trotz begeisterten Genießens jedweder Mahlzeit, die wir zubereitet haben. […]

a Greek wedding + a Greek celebration cake

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Cakes + Cookies

In August we travelled to Greece to celebrate the love between Maria and Dimitris at their wedding. We spent the whole week basking in the sun, eating mountains of Greek salad and enjoying each others company at the Gulf of Corinth. a Greek celebration cake(original recipe from the bride’s great grandmother) for the batter: 330g butter50g sugar6 eggsgrated orange peel 240g flour175g hard wheat semolina1 sachet baking powder225ml milkca. 150-200g flaked almonds for the syrup: […]


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Breakfast / Snacks

Teig-Götter 1 Tasse Weizen, Einkorn oder Kamut , wenn möglich frisch in der Steinmühle gemahlen1 Tasse kaltes Wasser1/2 Teelöffel SalzBrotgewürz nach Belieben Bereite aus 1 Tasse Vollkornweizen-, Kamut- oder Einkornmehl mit Salz, Brotgewürz und kaltem Wasser einen dickflüssigen Teig. Heize den Ofen samt Backblech auf 200°C. Gib den Teig löffelweise auf das heiße Blech und backe ihn 10-15 Minuten im Ofen.Ohne Backofen gibt man den Teig in eine flache Pfanne, die man während des Backens […]

the secret rose garden

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Jams + Preserves / Uncategorized

On a cloudy day mid-June I was invited into my friend’s rose garden. She has a beautiful collection of historical roses growing in wild bushes and blooming only once a year. Their special charm lies in their wildness. They are not pruned into shapes or put into arrangements. The first thing you notice is the lovely scent wafting through the garden – especially on a warm summer day after the rain. Their names are full […]

Quark cheesecake without crust

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Cakes + Cookies

Quark cheese cake without crust 1 kg Quark 2/3 cups sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract4 large eggs3 tablespoons cornstarch (Maizena)100g butter (= 8 tablespoons) , melted and cooled 2 tablespoons flour2 teaspoons baking powder1 lemon, grated peel and juice Preheat the oven to 190°C and put the oven rack in the lower third of the oven. Butter the bottom and the sides of the baking form and sprinkle in flour to lightly coat the form. In […]

DIY artist charcoal

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Guest post by Vik Currently gifted with a lot of free time, we got my old art box out, filled with all sorts of chalks, inks, crayons and water colours. I used my french charcoal sticks for some sketches, and fully enamoured with the smooth texture and expressive line, decided that it’s time to make our own locally grown artist charcoal. Preparation Collect fresh branches/twigs. Willow and wine are classically used, but we also successfully […]

freestyle lobster soup

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Lobster in the pantry? Dinner for three? Assuming you have some booze left from the quarantine and some vegetables I recommend you take another step into uncertainty with this freestyle lobster soup. The recipe came to me by way of a seven line Whatsapp message with absolutely no quantities. We will pass on the instructions to you as we received them. The result was marvelous! Boil the lobster, remove the meat from the claws and […]

wild herbs series, part I

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A hearty dose of herbal remedies that you can conjure with ingredients found on your walks or even in your garden. They are easy enough to recognize but for beginners I recommend buying a book highlighting the similar but toxic friends. Chickweed Edible parts: leaves, stems, buds and blossoms Contents: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, B-vitamins, phosphorus, zinc, copper, silicic acid, vitamins A and C, essential oils, tannins and plant-based proteins Effects : cooling, anti-inflammatory, blood-cleansing, […]

spring 2020 book list

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Before the coffee gets coldToshikazu Kawaguchi Essbare WildpflanzenSteffen Guido FleischhauerJürgen GuthmannRoland Spiegelberger The Inner Game of MusicBarry Green Veg in One BedHuw Richards Monsieur VuongDas Kochbuch Climate – A New StoryCharles Eisenstein Sacred EconomicsCharles Eisenstein The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is PossibleCharles Eisenstein On Earth We’re Briefly GorgeousOcean Vuong Black Box ThinkingMatthew Syed