raw red currant jam

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Searching for more interesting recipes besides the traditional jelly or jam, I found a long stirred raw red currant jam in an old cookbook of my mother.
And when I say long stirred I mean loooong stirred. I tried it … the outcome is delicious.

Note the little “x” mark by the side. Means the recipe is tried and well approved by my mother.

Raw red currant jam

500g ripe red currants
500g sugar

Wash the currants and discard the stems.
In a china bowl mix the currants and the sugar and let the mixture rest during the night in a cool place.
With a wooden spoon crush the currants and stir for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the same direction. (I recommend watching a Netflix series or selling the task Huckleberry Finnwise to family members or friends).
Once thickened to the consistency of jam, fill in alcohol rinsed jars.

Raw currant jam is extremely aromatic. True!

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