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raw red currant jam

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Jams + Preserves

Searching for more interesting recipes besides the traditional jelly or jam, I found a long stirred raw red currant jam in an old cookbook of my mother. And when I say long stirred I mean loooong stirred. I tried it … the outcome is delicious. Note the little “x” mark by the side. Means the recipe is tried and well approved by my mother. Raw red currant jam 500g ripe red currants500g sugar Wash the […]

Mirabelle plum loaf cake

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Cakes + Cookies

The yellow little Mirabelle plums bring some sunshine to a rather rainy August. They make for excellent jam but are lovely also in baked goods. This loaf cake recipe is vegan, and would surely work as a base for any fruit cake. Mirabelle plum loaf cake wet ingredients130g coconut or soy yoghurt180ml oat milk100g sugar of choice1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste4 tablespoons sunflower seed oil or any other neutral oil dry ingredients250g flour2 teaspoons baking […]

Buddha’s Hand marmelade

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Buddha’s Hand, aka fingered citron, has a sweet lemon blossom aroma, no juice, no pulp and no seeds. It looks bizarre, smells heavenly and in Asia it symbolizes happiness, wealth and longevity. Here’s some examples what to do with this crazy lemon: cut off a “finger” and slice it thinly over a piece of grilled white fish add some grated peel to your vinaigrette add a slice of peel to your vodka or gin cocktail […]

poached pear with vanilla and cinnamon

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I just adore pears. Cute butt shapes and so many ways to prepare them. They are delicious with game, paired with elderberries and quinces for jam , poached or simply eaten out of hand. My pear tree had very little water and a lot of sun this summer and proudly presented me with seven (wow!) ripe pears. Here’s the recipe how I poached them with some lovely spices for my birthday lunch. poached pear with vanilla […]

delicious mess of tomatoes, peaches and goat cheese

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Lunch / Salads

delicious mess of tomatoes, peaches and goat cheese tomatoes and peaches in equal amounts, quartered or chopped 1/2 onion, white or red, finely sliced fresh goat cheese basil leaves balsamic vinegar native olive oil a spoonful of honey salt and freshly ground pepper In a bowl mix the olive oil, vinegar, honey, salt and pepper. Add the tomatoes and peaches, top with the onions and the crumbled goat cheese. Mix gently before serving. Top with basil […]

tarocco oranges with beetroot, red onions and cilantro

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At the foot of the Etna grow the best oranges in the world, Tarocco, Moro and Navel. The Tarocco is a half-blood orange, juicy and delicate, with a balanced sugar/acid ratio and a very aromatic flesh. It’s called half-blood because the fruit flesh isn’t as red as the other blood oranges. The colour is influenced by the temperature fluctuations in the night, because all blood oranges need night frost to develop their beautiful red colour. […]

upside-down plum cake

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Breakfast / Cakes + Cookies / Sweets

This upside down cake is perfect to use up the last bit of summer fruit.  We ate it for breakfast on my daughter’s birthday. Here’s how to make upside-down plum cake 500g plums, pitted and cut into wedges 150g butter (3 tablespoons for the base layer, rest for the batter) 3 tablespoons brown sugar (I used muscobado) 100g sugar 2 pinches of sea salt 2 eggs 120 ml milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 teaspoons baking […]

clafoutis tart with raspberries

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Cakes + Cookies / Sweets

tarte-clafoutis aux framboises 300g tart dough with almonds 300g raspberries (and a few gooseberries) 2 eggs 4 egg yolks 100g sugar 60g almond flour 60g flour 200ml milk 400g crème fraîche 1 vanilla pod, scraped Preheat oven to 150°. Roll out the dough and fit it into the base and up the sides of your tart pan. for the clafoutis: In a bowl beat the eggs, egg yolks and the sugar. Add the flour and […]

gooseberry relish

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Breakfast / Jams + Preserves / Snacks / Sweets

gooseberry relish (by Yotam Ottolenghi) 750g gooseberries or plums 180g  sugar 1/2 orange (rind shaved in strips) 10g fresh root ginger, peeled and cut into thin matchsticks 1 cinnamon stick Place the gooseberries, the sugar, the orange rind, ginger and cinnamon in a sauce pan and cook on medium-low heat for roughly 30 minutes, until a semi thick compote consistency has formed. Set aside to cool.   Enjoy with pancakes or waffles and whipped cream! […]

peach and lavender tart

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Cakes + Cookies / Sweets

peach and lavender tart 4-6 peaches, stones removed and sliced 1-2 teaspoons lavender, fresh or dried for the dough: 250g tart dough with almonds for the icing: 50g icing sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice Preheat oven to 190C. Roll out the dough and fit it into the base and up the sides of your tart pan. Arrange the peach slices in a fan shape, slightly overlapping. Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes, until the […]