Buddha’s Hand marmelade

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Buddha’s Hand, aka fingered citron, has a sweet lemon blossom aroma, no juice, no pulp and no seeds. It looks bizarre, smells heavenly and in Asia it symbolizes happiness, wealth and longevity.

Here’s some examples what to do with this crazy lemon:

  1. cut off a “finger” and slice it thinly over a piece of grilled white fish
  2. add some grated peel to your vinaigrette
  3. add a slice of peel to your vodka or gin cocktail

Finally I decided to use up the whole fruit by making a “good luck” marmelade.

Buddha’s Hand marmelade

1 Buddha’s Hand citron
water, 3 x the weight of the citron
1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 package of “2:1 preserving sugar” from the whole food store (usually they have raw cane sugar with apple pectine)

Rinse and dry the citron, then slice and cut it thinly.
In a pan bring to a boil the citron and the water. Simmer until the fruit turns slightly glassy. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add “2:1 preserving sugar” in the correct ratio and cook following the instructions on the package. Fill in glass jars while hot.

Buddha’s Hand Marmelade

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