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Breakfast / Sweets

On some days I wake up really early without apparent reason. Nobody’s ringing the doorbell, no early duties and the rain isn’t about to flood into the cellar (this summer I want to express my special thanks to the pump).
Today was one of those days, so I used the peaceful morning to pick some apples from my apple tree to make some delicious jelly for breakfast.

How to make simple apple (any fruit) jelly:

  • wash your apples and cut out the middle
  • put them in a pot, add
  • some sugar,
  • a small cup of water
  • cinnamon/ vanilla/ ginger/ anything you’d imagine to taste nice
  • a teaspoon of agar agar (seaweed extract: properties of gelatine + very healthy)
  • boil til the apples seem soft enough, blend … et voilĂ !

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