sweet fruit pizza

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Always looking for  tasty recipes without animal products I invented the sweet fruit pizza. The dough is basically a pizza dough, with the addition of 4 tablespoons of sugar. I also exchanged the water in the original recipe with vanilla soy milk. Eventually all you have to do is spread out the dough on a baking tray and cover it with seasonal fruits.

In the last few months I have read plenty about the positive effects of a vegan diet. Ever since I have tried to cut animal products down to a minimum in my kitchen. However the most vegan recipes keep me wishing for more excitement, more variety and not the plain taste of health. My biggest goal is to create a kitchen, delicious and gourmet, that guests won’t even know that it is composed entirely without animal products.

The tea is a rooibos called “Capetown”. The trigger to buy was of course the name, and it hasn’t failed: everytime I take a sip I sink into pleasant nostalgia.

Sweet pizza dough

200 g flour
1 sachet dry yeast
a pinch of salt
4 tbs whole cane sugar
150 ml (vanilla) soy milk

Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough until smooth. Let it repose for half an hour.
Roll out with a rolling pin. Put it on the tray and cover with topping of your choice.

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