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Filet vom Wild

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So wird das Filet perfekt: 1- salze das Filet erst kurz bevor du es brätst 2- brate es dann von allen Seiten scharf an 3- schiebe es für 30 Minuten bei 100°C in den Ofen 4- mahle noch etwas schwarzen Pfeffer über das fertige Filet

how to make sloe gin

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Drinks / Foraging

2020 is the first year I experimented with sloes. The first year I made my own sloe gin. homemade sloe gin 1 l gin450g sloes225g sugar Wash the sloes and seal in an airtight bag. Freeze overnight or until ready to make the gin. The freezing is necessary to split the skin, so if your berries have been exposed to frost outside, you can skip this step. Put the frozen sloes into sterilized jars. Add […]

DIY yoga mat refreshers

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Talking about the bliss of practising yoga in the summer heat  there’s  often an annoying detail that disturbs the concentration: a bad smelling mat. Unfortunately microbes and bacteria find their perfect habitat in a moist and rolled-up yoga mat. And if it’s not for the lurking bacteria, after a time of intense use any yoga mat loses its clean and fresh smell. So today I decided to spray my mats and to share my mat refreshing mixtures with you. Refresher for a […]

how to make the best use of fruit pulp: vegan cookies

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Cakes + Cookies / Snacks / Sweets

Sometimes I just can’t resist to use the leftover fruit pulp from juicing to make  cookies. The beautiful colour and scent of  squeezed oranges, apples and carrots – too good to discard! Courgette, pineapple and ginger are nice, as well.  I never used the pulp of kale, broccoli  or celery. Besides their strong flavour they tend to be stringy. Not really desirable in a sweet treat. vegan fruit pulp cookies 4 generous tablespoons fruit pulp 1 tablespoon ground flax […]

Ketut Sri Nadi’s Dadar Cake

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Breakfast / Snacks / Sweets

In Bali we got to enjoy Ketut’s Dadar Cake, a Pandan scented crêpe filled with coconut and palm sugar syrup. We loved it so much that we had it nearly every morning for breakfast together with a fruit plate and a freshly opened coconut. It made me more than happy that one day Ketut invited me to join her into the kitchen to give me a master class in dadar cake cooking. I tried to make it […]

smoothie and raw food combination tips!

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Breakfast / Drinks / Lunch

Smoothies make a great breakfast (and if you like, you can continue drinking them all day). They replenish your cells with water, minerals and natural sugars! Here a few tips, to make your smoothie experience very enjoyable!! 1. Melon should always be the first meal of the day (never in between other meals) and in a smoothie also best just by itself. The reason why it doesn’t mix well, is, that is has a very […]

how to make the best use of the first tender baby beetroots

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Drinks / Lunch / Salads

  It’s always a feast when Mr. Herzog from Landmarke delivers the first young and tender vegetables of the season. They are so fresh and tiny, you literally can eat them with root, stems and leaves. Here’s how I prepared my first spring beetroots: green smoothie with fresh beet leaves the leaves of 4 baby beets a handful of lemon balm leaves a few mint leaves 1 apple 1 banana 1 teaspoon almond butter 1 cup […]

sandwich party in 3 steps

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1. Wait for a sunny day, drag a big table onto the grass and assemble chairs around it. Lay the table. Flowers and tablecloth optional but highly recommended. 2. Prepare the following: Fresh bread, I used italian rosemary bread, olive bread and simple ciabatta Hummus (1 can of chickpeas + 3tbs olive oil + juice of half a lemon + chopped onion +salt + pepper + spices – INTO THE BLENDER as above) Tomato and […]

raspberry strawberry jam the way my grandma taught me

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Jams + Preserves

“Take  any amount of fruit (1kg maximum at a time), and half as much sugar. Put fruit and sugar in a pot and  from now on you only need patience and the right method” my grandma said. She never allowed gelatine enriched sugar in her kitchen, by no means. Well, the secret was in the right method, which meant you had to spend 30 tiring minutes, a wooden spoon in hand, stirring  through the hot […]