Intro To Awesome Punch

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Our new favourite from now!

As I’m convinced that the malevolent Ehec germ lives neither in spanish cucumbers nor in our regional vegetables, I fancied trying a cocktail with fresh cucumbers. The Intro To Awesome Punch has been created by Jane Danger, head bartender at Cienfuegos, a spin-off from the owners of Death and Co., a cocktailbar located in the East Village of Manhattan.

The Punch mixes best while listening to this music

How to mix:
1 1/2 parts dry white Rum
1 part Aperol
1part fresh lime juice
1/2 part sugar syrup
3 cucumber wheels
Club Soda
Muddle the cucumber wheels and sugar syrup in a mixing glass. Add rum, Aperol and lime juice. Shake and strain over ice into a cocktail glass. Top with soda and a pinch of salt (I prefer it without salt..). Garnish with a cucumber wheel.

We tried it with soda and without, on icecubes and without.  It’s always AWESOME!

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