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Before I continue to cook my Sophie Calle inspired menus in red, pink and purple, and before I reveal  more about myself by participating in @fatmumslim’s photo-a-day challenge I  invite you to finally have a glimpse into my kitchen. Yes, into the new one! The light-flooded one! You can’t believe how happy I am with all the works finished.

Well, there are still missing some blinds and a real nice work of art (black-and-white photography?) on the wall behind the table, but overall I’m super happy that I’ve met the challenge to transfer my kitchen from the dark to the bright side of the house. The former kitchen has become a cosy little library.

Those of you who are visiting my blog regularly know that I passed through hard times during the construction and at the end nearly lost my nerves, my energy and my patience..  A big thank you to all my friends who supported me and especially to those who helped me “not to give up three meters in front of the shelter”!





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