plum somen with lemon scented olive oil and black sesame

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Somen are very thin Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.  In the making process the dough is stretched to a max with the help of vegetable oil to achieve very thin strips. That’s the reason why you need to rinse them under cold water after cooking. Otherwise they would become sticky. The pink beauties I bought at Muji owe their colour and their slightly fruity/salty flavour to Ume, a Japanese plum.
Usually I eat somen with a dip of tamari, squeezed lemon, grated ginger and finely sliced scallions.This time I decided to simply pour some lemon scented olive oil on top and sprinkle them with  black sesame seeds.  A well balanced, slightly fruity – and oh, so beautiful -combination!

black sesameplum somenpink somenspoon and chopsticks pink noodles (3 von 4)plum some with lemon scented olive oil and black sesamepink noodles


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