green rice and egg bowl

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Dinner / Lunch

For my spring pesto I use bear’s garlic (Bärlauch), sorrel or even ground elder (Giersch) from the garden.  Be careful in case you go foraging for bear’s garlic, the long and slender leaves can easily be mistaken by leaves of lily of the valley, which are super toxic.

green pesto

1 big handful (or a bunch if you buy it) bear’s garlic, sorrel or ground elder
20 g pine nuts
40ml olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Chop the greens and the parmesan, combine all ingredients, mix, stir or blend them. Add salt and pepper to your liking. If you want the pesto more creamy add more olive oil or a small amount of tepid water. The good thing about pesto is that it’s easy to make adjustments as you go. 

basmati rice
serves 2

1/2 a cup rice + the double amount of water , cook 20 minutes on low heat
When finished, combine the rice with enough spoonfuls of pesto to tint it green.


poached eggs
Equally delicious are chopped radishes, avocados, crumbles of goat cheese (feta) , cress and sprouts.


sorrel pestosorrel pestoegg to be poachedpear "Conference" in blossomspringgreen rice bowl

 Totally spring!  


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