introducing black futsu

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Dinner / Lunch

What sounds like the protagonist of a Japanese action movie or some blackish shimmering ornamental fish  is actually the most delicious kind of pumpkin I had tried in a while. Last week Mr. Herzog, my regional vegetable provider, had recommended it to me. Pure chestnut, only smoother and less dry – and it combined so perfectly with the last field-grown tomatoes!

Black Futsu with the last field-grown tomatoes

Slice the pumpkin (2cm each slice) and remove the kernels. Put the slices into a fireproof form and sprinkle them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add the tomatoes, a big one cut in halves for the end pieces.
Bake them in the oven for 20 minutes to half an hour at 200°C. For the last 5 minutes add the rosemary sprigs, which will fill your kitchen with a wonderful mediterranean smell.

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