plums ‘n’ booze

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My friend’s plum tree was having a good year, in fact so good that Michaela found it impossible to eat all the plums herself. I transformed the basket of plums into this delicious, melting-in-your-mouth cream. Michaela’s original recipe contains 10 tbs of rum, I just used 4 tbs and still didn’t feel too sure if driving is still ok. Have a try yourselves with as many tbs of rum you think you can handle!

500g plums
100-150g sugar, depending on how sweet and ripe the plums are
1 stick of cinnamon
a stripe of lemon peel
2 tbs cornstarch
4-10 tbs rum

Cut the plums in halves and remove the pits. Cook the plums with the sugar, cinnamon and lemon peel until soft. Remove  the cinnamon stick and blend. Mix corn starch and rum, pour it into the plums and bring it to a boil until it gets thick and creamy.


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