Snickers sea salt truffles

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The idea for this sweet began with some serious Snickers cravings and the discovery of red and purple confectioners foils. Dark chocolate, peanuts and caramel – sounds easy enough!

Snickers sea salt truffles
(yields 20 truffles)

150g high quality dark  chocolate,65 to 80% cocoa
100g peanuts
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon coconut oil
sea salt flakes 

  1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl in a hot water bath.
  2. Spoon a little of the melted chocolate into every confectioners foil and gently turn each of them so that the chocolate covers the sides of the foil as well. Place them in the fridge or freezer. (You should have at least half of the chocolate left, for covering!)
  3. Chop the peanuts roughly; it’s perfect to have both small and bigger pieces. 
  4. Roast them in a small pan.
  5. Take out a third or half of the roasted peanuts and let them cool already.
  6. Add the sugar and coconut oil into the pan with the other peanuts, and on a low heat, stir continuously until the sugar melts, and caramelises your peanuts. Let them cool while you proceed with the next step.
  7. Take the little chocolate bowls out of the fridge or freezer and half fill them with dry roasted peanuts. Then put the caramelized peanuts on top (they go solid when cooling down, but don’t panic: you can chop them again if they turned into a massive caramel block)
  8. Lastly, cover the little bowls with melted chocolate again. Put them into the fridge for a few minutes, then you can add sea salt sprinkles (without them sinking). Then leave them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. 


melted chocolate in a bain marie snickers trufflessnickers trufflessnickers truffles

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