a splendid foretaste of summer

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Lately I spent an awesome time with my daughter in Florence. We were strolling around all day long, visiting palazzi, museums and fashion shops, sunbathing on roof terraces, ¬†and, as a special challenge, we never ate twice in the same place! I swear to you I hadn’t been served so simple and so delicious meals in a long time… salads, grilled vegetables, carpacci, gelati, BIFTECA A LA FIORENTINA, panini, capuccini….just paradise!
So, if you agree, I’m going to dedicate my next posts to Florence and to the delights of Tuscan cuisine.

And here, my dear readers, comes the aperitivo:

roofs of the old town

so ripe and colourful and inviting to stop by

Santa Croce, my favourite church

Piazza di Santa Croce

Piazza della Repubblica, from the roof terrace of the department store La Rinascente

subject of big interest: the “love locks” at Ponte Vecchi

yoghurt, strawberries and pine nuts for breakfast

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