Is Dresden the new Scotland?

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Right now, I feel like in Scotland. Pouring rain, the forest has never been this green, some cows escaped from the field and greeted us blocking the road (just sub sheep for cow and you get the true scottish highland feel).

Someone else must have thought so too:

Georg Schenk, the owner of Augustus Rex Distillery is already internationally known for his selection of noble spirits. He stuck to the old German varieties until this year he set foot on new ground! Well to be very literal he is still up in Dresden MAKING HIS OWN SINGLE MALT WHISKY.

High quality is Mr. Schenk’s pride: the water comes from the Erzgebirgian mountains ¬†and the whisky is set to age in wooden Saxonian wine barrels. Three more years and the first Augustus Rex Single Malt is waiting for you to taste it.

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