45 days until Christmas: time for the first rough planning

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For now I’m collecting ideas, browsing cookbooks and blogs. I write to-do-lists and have a look into my chests filled with  Christmas decoration in the basement.  I call up my dearest relatives and friends to find out how many guests we will  have on Christmas. Hopefully last year’s crazy snowfalls  won’t keep them off from coming.

Ah, and have you already thought about Christmas gifts? Everything planned and fine??

If you are looking for pretty and useful things made from extravagant fabrics I strongly recommend you browse the website of Juliane Jdanoff. Luckily she lives and manufactures in Dresden. I promise, you couldn’t resist if you saw all these beautiful pieces exhibited in a winter garden flooded with sunlight. I was tempted to buy a baby’s napkin bag sewn from an eye-catching monkey/ jungle fabric to use it as a clutch!

Juliane is open to suggestions, be it special sized cutlery bags or your desired colours or designs. Just pass by, give her a call or send an email!

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