Michael’s meadows and a lunch al fresco

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Lunch / Salads

Michael Simonsen, of Simonsen Freianlagen, the landscape designer and family friend, has a beautiful garden, that we were very eager to visit. Whenever we asked, “can we come see your garden this weekend?” He said “No no noooo, it needs a little more time to show the whole variety of flowers! Half of them didn’t blossom yet!” or “Just a little more patience, I am still waiting for the sunflowers!”

Finally, on a sunny day towards the end of August, we decided “now or never” and called Michael to tell him the day of our visit had come, and that we didn’t want to wait for the sunflowers any longer.


The walk through the meadows was delightful; we saw a real-life deer and some of the flowers smelled like honey.

For lunch Michael sent us off to the vegetable patch in the beautiful kitchen garden equipped with a washing basket to pick our ingredients. Warty cucumbers, the most differently shaped and coloured tomatoes and little leafy greens and herbs made a wonderful salad.

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